Reinventing Life with Smart Solutions

Today’s smart solutions demonstrate the information that IoT sensors, combined with other enterprise applications, can provide. Unfortunately, these early generation models lack a well-designed AIoT platform that makes sense of all that information. That’s what we’re building today.

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An Impressive Pedigree

Leading ExaLeap are two technology and business icons, Agalia Kong and Peter Ka-kit Lee. Their combined success in technology and enterprise solutions provides ExaLeap with a significant competitive advantage. An advantage that has been demonstrated repeatedly. Supporting them are a proven team of engineers and business minds that have played key roles in multiple wins or companies including Google, Cisco, Symantec, Wells Fargo Bank, and more.

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An Ambitious Plan

With four revolutionary solutions in development, it’s an exciting time at ExaLeap. Learn more about our solutions by requesting a demo. Or discover how you can join our team.

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