Key Business Benefits

Hospitals realize these benefits in four distinct steps

  • Contamination Control
  • Navigation
  • Security Access
  • Employee Tracking
  • Patient Tracking
  • Digitalization of Identity



  • Control People Flow
  • Digital Onboarding—Self Service
  • Time Tracking
  • Security Data
  • Patient Journal
  • Pager and Messaging
  • Payments

  • Medical Grade Sensor Data
  • Urgency Cluster
  • Asset Tracking



  • Biomarker Plaster

Technology Partners

Hospital Staff Management

  • Time Tracking—Log in and out of your shift and track overtime. Detect when it’s time for a break
  • Contamination Warning—Device gives a warning when a contaminated or endangered person passes
  • Hands-free Notifications, Alerts and Communications—Fast access, no pager or phone is needed
  • Biometric Authentication—Detects a user through sensor data and a microphone. Provides access and a door opener
  • Stress Level—Detects stress and health issues

Streamline Patient / Staff Interactions

  • Onboarding—Fast onboarding, real-time health checks through heart rate and oxygen saturation sensors
  • Urgency Cluster—Depending on a quick health check, patients can be clustered in waiting patterns
  • NFC Scan—Quick check on patient info, health, medication or room number
  • Navigation—Upload locations to patient’s band
  • Handover—Save all information and advises
  • Smart Bed planning—Mesh networking off all devices enables fast and agile room planning

Patient Health Management

  • Contamination labeling—Through colored wristbands or LED, patients can be clustered and kept in specific areas
  • Biometric Authentication—Defines users through sensor data and microphone. Gives an alert if taken off. Provides access and door opener
  • Navigation—Shows navigation support on a simple link display, even in complex environments
  • Health check—Constantly checks heart rate and blood oxygen levels for patient security
  • Mistake Protection—Protects patients against mistaken identity and data mess ups

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