“Our goal is to connect world visionaries and leading technology providers to create innovative product solutions that create a better future for all.”
— Peter Ka Kit Lee & Aglaia Kong

Imagine a world where your job is secure and works in harmony with robots and advanced artificial intelligence technologies

Imagine a life that your capabilities are cultivated and optimized

Imagine a life where your elderlies’ futures are safeguarded, their experiences and hopes passed down, and your children are truly prepared for not just tomorrow, but for the day after

Imagine a world where housing is as affordable as your mobile phone

Imagine a world with clean air, plentiful water and no fear of survival

Imagine a world that people are helping and celebrating each other


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We combine deep technical expertise, and customer and competitive marketplace insights with vast resources and rapid client collaboration to create measurable, repeatable, and actionable results. We increase profitability for our clients through strategy and insights—at any stage of the game.

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We’re always looking for experienced AI, IoT, and platform engineers. Send us a resume highlighting your goals, successes, and why you want to work with us. While our goals are ambitiious, we’re looking for just the right people to join our team. Be patient as we vet each person carefully.

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